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January 14, 2020

This minimalist, solar-powered home stands strong against earthquakes

Located in the Swiss municipality of Grimisuat in the district of Sion, House ROFR was created with the future in mind. The modern, solar-powered home is […]
January 14, 2020

What you can see on fee-free days at U.S. national parks this year | MNN

The United States has so many national parks and protected wilderness areas to explore, but some of those spots have entrance fees or activities fees. While […]
January 14, 2020

Wearable garden vest is nourished by wearer’s own urine

Are you looking to spruce up your wardrobe this spring? Well, we’ve got the season’s eco-fashion garment for you — a wearable garden vest that thrives […]
January 14, 2020

Quorn introduces carbon footprint labeling

In a trailblazing move, Quorn, the meatless food manufacturer headquartered in the U.K., is now leveraging carbon labeling on more than half its product line. Carbon […]
January 14, 2020

Listen to this pug and you’ll understand why the makers of ‘Halo’ hired him for voice-overs | MNN

Gyoza the pug is grunting, growling, huffing and puffing his way to video game stardom. The team at 343 Industries was searching for new noises and […]
January 14, 2020

Our moon is more colorful than you think | MNN

Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy, who last year dropped jaws with a stunningly clear composite photo of the moon made up of 50,000 exposures, is back with a […]
January 14, 2020

Mysterious blind ‘ghost fish’ reveals Congo to be the deepest river in the world | MNN

The waters of the Congo River in Africa are some of the world’s most mysterious. This is the river that inspired Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”; […]
January 13, 2020

What lies beneath the Antarctic ice sheet? | MNN

The Antarctic ice sheet that for centuries hid a massive canyon has slowly been releasing even more secrets about what lies beneath all that ice. For […]