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February 24, 2021

Planet City explores housing the world population in one city

Los Angeles-based film director and architect Liam Young recently released his latest work — Planet City, a speculative and provocative glimpse into a future where urban […]
February 24, 2021

Art crafted with natural materials sends powerful message

Joana Cabrita Martins is a Portugal-based artist who merges design and activism. By choosing local natural materials and pairing her pieces with social or environmental messages, her studio […]
February 23, 2021

YEZO is a nature retreat perched on a Japanese hillside

Anyone passionate about design knows the fun is in the possibilities. Looking for low site impact, a focus on nature or a retreat? YEZO is all […]
February 23, 2021

Texas power outages lead to deaths of animals in a sanctuary

Several animals, including monkeys, chimpanzees and lemurs, have died at a Texas animal sanctuary due to freezing temperatures and a power outage. According to a statement […]
February 23, 2021

US officially rejoins Paris Agreement

As promised, President Joe Biden has helped the U.S. rejoin the Paris climate accord after Donald Trump’s reign of eco-terror. As of last Friday, it’s official. […]
February 23, 2021

A modern cabin in rural Washington celebrates indoor/outdoor living

Eager to relax and unwind from city living, a retired aerospace engineer reached out to Seattle-based David Coleman Architecture to design a modern, energy-efficient cabin on […]
February 23, 2021

Water-powered shower head speaker made from recycled plastic wins honors at CES

Whether it’s podcasts, music or audiobooks, humans are streaming audio content now more than ever. Now, thanks to wireless tech company Ampere, the sound doesn’t have to stop […]
February 22, 2021

Endangered black-footed ferret is successfully cloned

The birth of Elizabeth Ann, a black-footed ferret, on December 10, 2020, marked a major achievement in the recovery of the species. Elizabeth Ann is the […]