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July 7, 2020

Appalachian Trail spared from Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Duke Energy Corp. and Dominion Energy Inc. have canceled the controversial 600-mile-long Atlantic Coast Pipeline that the companies planned to build under the Appalachian Trail. The energy giants […]
July 7, 2020

12 things you can’t compost

Composting is an easy and effective way to deal with food waste and fertilize your garden. Compost bins are readily available for purchase in a variety […]
July 7, 2020

Kudmai Collection repurposes vintage fishing boats into unique wood flooring

The Sacred Crafts, a San Diego-based brand focused on adding character to the home by sustainable methods, is giving new life to old wooden ships. The […]
July 6, 2020

Prefab apartment proposal wants to make city living more sustainable

Rotterdam-based architecture firm AEMSEN has recently unveiled BARBIZON, a design proposal for sustainable apartments built from prefabricated, cross-laminated timber modules. Created with the vision that cities […]
July 6, 2020

Beavers could be contributing to warming in the Arctic

A recent study published in the journal Environmental Research Letters suggests that beavers’ actions could be contributing to climate change. The study, which involved analysis of […]
July 6, 2020

5 popular, sustainable products at IKEA

IKEA has become a household name because you can buy just about everything you need for your home there. Not only does this company make every […]
July 6, 2020

Work from home in this minimalist, modular 15-sided cabin

As the newest member of the Hello Wood cabin family, the Workstation Cabin offers the perfect tranquil retreat designed specifically to inspire creativity. Described as “the […]
July 3, 2020

Eos Bioreactor uses AI and algae to combat climate change

A new artificial intelligence invention by Hypergiant Industries could prove to be the solution to the world’s carbon dioxide problem. The company is launching the second […]