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March 23, 2020

Why approaching comet ATLAS is so bright (and how you can see it) | MNN

A newly discovered comet named ATLAS is on track to become one of the brightest comets to grace our night skies since Hale-Bopp in 1997. Officially […]
March 23, 2020

Homeless pets need your help as coronavirus closes shelters | MNN

There are so many obvious victims of the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are plenty that aren’t as apparent. Animal shelters and rescues are among those impacted […]
March 23, 2020

COVID-19 pandemic leads to plastic ban reversals

Health concerns are trumping environmental worries as U.S. states and cities reverse single-use plastic bans. As shoppers worry about catching germs from everything and everyone in […]
March 23, 2020

The 10 best tiny homes in California

If you’re looking for some cool tiny home retreats to try out a more minimalist style of living or just looking for a serene vacation spot, […]
March 23, 2020

Toilet paper: How much does your family need? | MNN

Toilet paper. It’s not something you normally think about. But these days, you might be wondering how much you’re using, how much you need and how […]
March 23, 2020

UN releases World Water Development Report 2020

Climate change further challenges the world’s overstretched water resources, ultimately threatening all aspects of human life, according to the latest UN World Water Development Report. Most […]
March 22, 2020

Tips from an introvert on how to enjoy being alone during coronavirus | MNN

As a kid, I preferred reading books, spending time with my dogs, riding my bike or being off in the woods by myself. I liked seeing […]
March 21, 2020

Meet Lauren Killian, Enviva sustainability forester | MNN

Take a walk in the woods with Killian, who promotes forest health and stewardship and helps private landowners manage their forests. According to the U.S. Census […]