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June 15, 2020

The Iceberg Sofa draws attention to melting glaciers

Fnji, a design brand based in China, is using its platform to raise awareness for global warming, specifically the effect on sea ice. The new Iceberg […]
June 15, 2020

12 sustainable gifts to give Dad for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so as you celebrate graduations, June birthdays and virtual weddings, keep an eye out for the perfect gift for […]
June 12, 2020

Instagram data uncovers the world’s top #urbanjungles

Houseplants offer any number of benefits ranging from cleaner air to aesthetic appeal. Indoor plants brighten up a space and bring the natural world indoors, something […]
June 12, 2020

Amazon deforestation increased by 34% in 2019

Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest has continued to be a thorn in the side of efforts to curb global warming. According to data released by Brazil’s […]
June 12, 2020

Pela offers biodegradable phone cases and other zero-waste products

Cell phones have become ubiquitous in the world, with the average phone being replaced every 1.5 to 2 years. Along the way, the plastic cases used […]
June 12, 2020

A puzzle-inspired sliding facade improves this building’s energy efficiency

In the Ballard neighborhood, close to Seattle’s downtown, local architecture firm Graham Baba Architects has completed the Klotski, a mixed-use infill building that emphasizes energy efficiency. […]
June 12, 2020

Czech Republic’s first 3D-printed floating home will take just 48 hours to build

The first 3D-printed house in Czech Republic is scheduled for completion by the end of June 2020. Not only will the project, called Prvok, only take […]
June 11, 2020

This tiny home on wheels features white shiplap walls

The Heritage tiny home by Summit doesn’t sacrifice style for convenience. It features a spacious loft bedroom, a bay window bump out of the living room and a […]