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March 19, 2020

8 things to know about the vernal equinox | MNN

The vernal equinox, also known as the spring equinox or the March equinox, occurs on March 19 this year, when the Northern Hemisphere says farewell to […]
March 18, 2020

Chef Jose Andres responds to coronavirus with hope and action | MNN

Chef José Andrés is at it again. In the same breath the founder of World Central Kitchen announced he was shutting his famous restaurants in response […]
March 18, 2020

How to help your community during a pandemic | MNN

A pandemic doesn’t always bring out the best in humanity. A visit to the toilet paper aisle at your local grocery store will confirm that. But […]
March 18, 2020

Futuristic Safezone Shelter battles air pollution in Thailand with a green oasis

According to the World Air Quality Index of 2019, the city of Bangkok suffers from unhealthy levels of air pollution most of the year. In a […]
March 18, 2020

Why you should plant a victory garden | MNN

During both world wars, people back home planted victory gardens. By growing and harvesting their own vegetables, they put less of a strain on the government, […]
March 18, 2020

Behind the scenes in a raw commercial kitchen

I’ve been vegetarian since childhood and have met people with many different takes on a healthy plant-based diet. The raw foodists I’ve encountered have blown me […]
March 18, 2020

Cabin-like tiny home insulated with hemp, cotton and linen

French design firm, Tiny House Baluchon has just unveiled a beautiful tiny home on wheels that screams cabin charm. Clad in a warm red cedar exterior, the Mogote is topped […]
March 18, 2020

We’re taking coronavirus seriously. What if we did that with climate change? | MNN

In the first episode of the Invisibilia podcast’s sixth season, host Elise Speigel opens by comparing the heartbeat of a human, a black-capped chickadee and an […]