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July 31, 2020

Prefab Floating Music Hub to set sail in Cape Verde

International design practice NLÉ has unveiled its designs for the MFS IV, a prefabricated Floating Music Hub for the port city of Mindelo in Cape Verde. […]
July 31, 2020

What to do with banana peels

Banana peels. They’re so associated with comedy, you probably crack a smile just thinking about these famous casings. Bananas are a delicious snack and a little […]
July 30, 2020

Luxury home in Kerala produces all of its own energy

Thrissur-based design studio LIJO RENY Architects has taken full advantage of Kerala’s sunny, tropical climate with its design of The House Within the Grid, a luxury […]
July 30, 2020

Mysterious seeds from China arriving in mail across America

Agricultural officials from several states have expressed alarm over unsolicited packages of seeds delivered to residents. The packages appear to come from China, as they feature […]
July 30, 2020

Rare blue lobster turns up in Red Lobster shipment

The only thing that saved Clawde from the linguini sauce was her blue hue. As Lora Jones unpacked the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Red Lobster restaurant’s air-lifted live lobster […]
July 30, 2020

Educational center in Russia has a wind turbine and rooftop solar panels

Located in the Russian village of Khryug in southern Dagestan, the Luminary Inspiration Center is a welcomed educational experience in a small town of just 2,000 […]
July 30, 2020

Villa CasaBlanca is an earthen home made from clay found onsite

The Villa CasaBlanca in Bali puts a new spin on the ancient tradition of cob building — a construction technique using materials such as clay and […]
July 29, 2020

Innovative Future Tree was built by robots and 3D-printing

Robotic construction has taken another step forward with the Future Tree, a recently completed timber canopy built with robots in a project by Gramazio Kohler Research […]