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May 5, 2020

Behold, a sea of pink flamingos in Mumbai | MNN

In Mumbai, flamingos are taking advantage of the human hiatus — and painting the city pink. Tens of thousands of the birds were spotted this week […]
May 5, 2020

This Napa Valley winery has been farmed organically since 1985

Nestled on a gently sloping segment of land on the quiet, western end of St. Helena, California, Spottswoode Estate contains a remarkable piece of environmental history. […]
May 5, 2020

What we know about the mysterious ‘Tully Monster’ | MNN

Ever since its 300-million-year-old fossils were first unearthed in 1958, the alien-like “Tully Monster” has defied classification. This bizarre creature featured a narrow, trunk-like neck that […]
May 5, 2020

Greenhouse gas emissions expected to hit record decline

While your home energy bill may have increased while you shelter in place, the planet’s overall energy use has taken a significant downturn. According to the […]
May 5, 2020

Brother sister duo create tropical tiny home in Hawaii

Tiny homes are still all the rage within the minimalist and wanderlust communities of the world, and what better place to consider tiny living than in the […]
May 5, 2020

A suburb in Costa Rica gives citizenship to plants, trees, and bees | MNN

If you happen to be a pollinator, you might want to wing your way to sunny Costa Rica. In fact, Curridabat — a suburb of the […]
May 5, 2020

Modern net-zero home sits in harmony with its woodland surroundings

Chapel Hill-based firm Arielle Condoret Schechter is known for its commitment to building sustainable homes that don’t sacrifice elegance or comfort. The company’s latest work includes […]
May 4, 2020

Black holes power some of the brightest objects in the universe, so why is ours so calm? | MNN

Despite their reputation as all-consuming voids of darkness, it might come as a surprise to learn that black holes are responsible for the brightest known phenomena […]